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Flexibility and mobility have never been more important in the modern workplace. However, that can take its toll on effective communication. Organising lunch or coffee breaks for a example are often a lot more complicated than they have to be. And when lunch meetings get cancelled due to appointments or other reasons, employees often end up eating alone, even if they planned otherwise. Give your employees and company the chance to use an innovative, digital and efficient solution that matches the employees in your company with a smart algorithm. This does not only save about 14 hours/employee/per year, since setting up a break with LuBu only takes seconds – LuBu also enhances aspects such as onboarding and networking in the company, as well as community building and knowledge sharing through breaking up silos between company sites and departments.


Eating together is not only proven to make happy – it also tastes better and is healthier. With LuBu, your restaurant, bar or café can be on top of the location list within our app. As a result, you will be visible to the whole LuBu-Community in the area and our users can discover your location easily. Make your place a LuBu hot spot, let the users taste your food and drinks. Optionally, you can also offer special conditions to further increase the traffic at your spot.


You would like to increase the interaction and communication between the visitors or your event or fair, so that they can experience your event in a more interconnected and social way? We can help with that. With LuBu you can offer your visitors an innovative tool that lets them get in contact with other interesting guests of the venue over lunch and coffee – quicker, easier and more social than ever. Thus, LuBu enhances the way your guests experience your event. The more opportunities you provide for your guests to connect with each other, the more memorable and longlasting will your event be for them.


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