Tarik & Luisa

Siblings and the founders of LuBu



During his studies of International Relations in Frankfurt, and while sitting in the library working on his thesis, Tarik wondered why meeting up with friends for lunch and coffee isn’t a lot easier, quicker and more flexible. After feeling the same about organising lunch and coffee breaks with his colleagues during internships, the idea of LuBu was born.

Since then, the startup-scene has sparked his interest, leading him to doing a PhD in Social Business, while managing LuBu together with his sister Luisa.



As a Communication Designer and growing up in a family and with friends, where eating together and communication always played a central role, Luisa was part of LuBu from the very beginning. Not only is Luisa very passionate about the app and bringing people together for lunch and coffee… she also loves to design and create new ideas and concepts.

Together with her brother Tarik, she wants to help organisations as well as individuals to connect with each other in an innovative and effortless way via LuBu.