LuBu on Startup Fever (Podcast)

LuBu has been invited to talk on the Startup Fever podcast (GER) about the story behind LuBu, how the app works and what it means to found a business as siblings. … Read More

Interview with EBS University

LuBu has been interviewed by EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht. Read more (GER) if you are interested in how LuBu started, how LuBu is affected by COVID-19 and what our next milestones are.​ … Read More

LuBu at rheinmaintv

LuBu has been invited by rheinmaintv to talk about the app and how LuBu helps companies and employees to build and maintain effective and sustainable networks. … Read More

5 Fragen an Patrick Curth von Chez Marie

Wir bei LuBu haben in der letzten Zeit natürlich viele Restaurants, Cafés und deren Betreiberinnen und Betreiber kennenlernen dürfen. Spannend ist, dass keine dieser Locations … Read More

Frankfurter Rundschau. Dec, 12th 2019 | LuBu

With LuBu we want to make meeting people for lunch and coffee easier than ever before, whether it’s in the city, at work or university and whether… … Read More

Kooperation mit WeWork | LuBu geht an den Start

LuBu ist live! Und das nicht irgendwo! Als unseren ersten Pilot-Partner konnten wir niemanden geringeren gewinnen als den WeWork-Konzern und hier den Frankfurter Standort mit 2 Offices. Seit November … Read More

Informal networks & building great teams | Where is the link?

Research shows, that these factors are important, but it is far more important to ensure that the way everyone communicates with each other allows these skillsets to be applied in the first place.

Check out this … Read More

Breaking down silos | (How) does it work?

Breaking down silos – ever heard of that? We’re sure you have. But what does it take to ensure that these silos can actually crumble, instead of getting stronger day by day? Ultimately, we’re getting … Read More