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LuBu stands for LunchBuddies and the App makes organizing lunch or coffee breaks faster, easier, more effective, more flexible and more fun than ever. First and foremost it is a way to prevent unwanted situations of eating alone. Therefore, the logic behind LuBu is to show the user who is available for a potential lunch or coffee break – no matter if you use LuBu in a company, in the university, at an event or in the city.

As convenient it is to describe your solution in one sentence, we do not agree with this comparison. Yes, LuBu is an easy-to-use tool and involves a swipe to find your matches. However, although also unknown people can meet via our platform we don’t consider LuBu as a dating app. We rather see LuBu as a tool to meet inspiring people over coffee and lunch, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity to grow your personal and professional network.

For the user, LuBu is a free App and it will stay this way. Also, neither we want to sell your data or gain any other payments from you. Thus, we want LuBu to be used by as many people as possible to enhance the LuBu experience and in order to create many memorable experiences. We generate our income by customizing the app for businesses and events/fairs. Moreover, we plan on cooperating with restaurants, cafés and other institutions who would like to be visible on the platform.

We believe that most of us are in a privileged position to choose people to have lunch or coffee with. This may sound odd, but in some parts of the world, people are a lot less lucky. Therefore, we believe that it is our responsibility to share what we have. Together with you, we commit to donating a large proportion of the income generated by lunch and coffee matches in partnering restaurants with the UN initiative “ShareTheMeal”. For every match, we commit to donating an amount that provides two children with food for a whole day. Scan your match at our partnering restaurants/cafés and help us to support people in need.

The app can be used by everybody. You can simply download the app, sign up and create a individual profile. Thus, it does not matter if you use LuBu outside or inside your company. Of course we’re planning on growing as fast possible. With your help as users, we can be available in every larger city in the world. For now, our focus is mainly regional.  

On any given day, it is always your choice. If you feel like meeting colleagues and friends, simply swipe your activated lunch or coffee status onto the “B-Button” (Buddies) to be matched with people you have added to your buddy list. If you feel like meeting someone new, simply swipe your lunch or coffee status onto the “U-Button” (unknown) to be matched with a person you have not met yet.

Nothing. Your personal data always belongs to you. Just non-personal data such as „average group size“, „popular timeframes“ and further purely statistical figures are going to be gathered and evaluated, in order to further enhance our product for you, our partners and us.

This information belongs to you. Other users can see the number of lunches or coffees you have had, as well as the number of buddies you have added. No user will see your lunch or coffee history and for some users, you can even activate the “invisible mode”. Through this function, both of you will not appear in the match list of the other person.

Yes. You can delete your account and all the information you have provided us with at any time. Visit your settings to find out more.

No. Consciously, we have decided to run the algorithm and the status matching without using GPS or other location data. Your status regarding the location(s) you would like to meet in is determined by your selection of your preferred locations instead of via your actual location you are at in that moment. This also means that you can set your status for lunch or coffee at any place as well, whether it’s the breakfast table at home, on the train or in the gym.

Great! No matter if you just want to find out more about how LuBu can benefit your business or would like a demo-access in order to find out how LuBu looks and works for companies – just leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible

We’ll try to launch LuBu in as many cities as we possibly can. Follow us on our social media in order to find out where we’re heading next.

Thanks. We love LuBu as well! Within the app settings you’ll find a link that you can share. Spread the word and don’t forget to visit and follow us on our social media platforms to become a part of LuBu 🙂